Vacant Home Staging Is The Process of Bringing Furniture and Accessories Into Your Empty Home, Allowing a Buyer to Envision Living There

Reasons To Vacant Stage A Home


1. By strategically placing furniture, the flow of the home is identified, making it more attractive and appealing to buyers


2. It will be distinguished from that of the competition through online photos and showings.

Higher Return

3. National Association of Realtors conducted a survey which shows a 1-3% investment on home staging can yield an 8-17% return!

Faster Sale

4. Your home will sell faster! On average, staged homes sell up to 73% faster.


Price includes 1 month of furniture rental, installation, removal, and marketing of property.


Price Starting at $1200

At Chic Home Staging and Design

we have a beautiful showroom featuring a diverse selection of furniture waiting for your vacant home. We use a combination of elements to accessorize and design homes. From sleek and upscale to comfortable and cozy, we have you covered. Remember that first impressions are lasting impressions.

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