An exemplary end result

At Chic Design Company, we understand that the decision to trust someone with the design details of your home is an important decision. We are honored when we are invited into the process of creating a home for your family that reflects your unique personalities and needs.

Active listening is where we start. We believe that YOU are the expert on the design of your home. While we bring our professional opinions to the table, we are joining you as a member of your team to bring your vision to fruition. We guarantee you will love the end result of our partnership!


Sell  your home for the most amount of money and the least amount of time

Interior Design Services

Services can include working with your existing furnishings or adding new pieces. Furniture placement, decor, wall color, hardware, and fixtures are just a few options for updating your space.

Occupied Home Staging

We come to your home and work with your current furnishings. We will create focal points throughout, maximizing its space. We create a “Welcome Home” ambiance for potential buyers to enjoy.

Vacant Home Staging

We will furnish as many rooms as needed. We will also create appropriate spaces throughout, allowing the potential buyer to visualize living there. This allows you to move on without the home feeling moved out of.

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